Quadpro helping to care for the educational environment for over 20 years

What We Do

Through provision of effective easy to use software backed by experienced, committed service and support Quadpro has become a leader in its field with particular success in the private schools market.

Who We Are

For over 20 years UK schools and colleges have been benefiting from Quadpro as their premises and facilities management software.

Quadpro Benefits

All Quadpro systems provide a full client server networked system including integrated Web Job request and automated client e-mail response.

Product Comparisons

There are three Quadpro products designed to meet the needs of any size or type of School or College. Please click here to go to the Quadpro selection page for a summary of features and benefits.

Video Demonstations

Easy to view short product video demonstrations each highlighting a module or specific Quadpro system feature.

Training & Support

There is a Quadpro help package for each Quadpro product. This is free to new users for twelve months following the initial system installation.

IT System Guide

Quadpro consists of 2 parts, the server service, including the web based job request module, and the client application.


Quadpro users benefit from access to a wealth of specialist experience and expertise in property, facilities and asset management.